Celebrating Oikawa Tooru & Iwaizumi Hajime's love in three stages: proposal, wedding, married life—and everything in between.



「阿吽」To Have You as a Partner is a wedding-themed Haikyuu!! fanzine focused on Oikawa Tooru and Iwaizumi Hajime's partnership.
Still, other forms of union—whether they be grand or subtle, serious or lighthearted—are free to be explored and are not limited to "official" ceremonies alone.
SPECIFICATIONSThe main zine will be an A5, perfect-bound book, available both physically and digitally with a variety of merchandise. This is SFW. It will include 25 page artists, 8 writers, and 6 merch artists. There will also be a side NSFW zine, which will be made available as a PDF add-on for buyers aged 18 and above.Pre-order funds will be used for the production of the zine and merch, as well as compensation of contributors. We aim to provide all contributors with free full bundles, inclusive of the zines and all merchandise; however, if the profit margin is not high enough, there will be lower tiers (e.g. free shipping, free physical zines, etc.). Either way, contributors are guaranteed all digital items, including the digital zine. Any excess profits will then be divided evenly among everyone. View our in-depth financial plans here!CONTENTSFW CONTENT
The main zine will be divided into three sections and may be interpreted in any way, as long as they are in line with the theme. The sections are as follows:
Before (Proposal, Planning, etc.)
During (Ceremony, Reception, etc.)
After (Honeymoon, Married Life, etc.)
The NSFW zine will be made available as a digital add-on, and it will focus on the intimate aspects of Oikawa and Iwaizumi's relationship.
Due to the overarching theme of the project, the NSFW zine will prohibit content or scenarios that involve gore, non-consent, underage relationships, or "dead dove" themes. For a more comprehensive list, please email or DM us!All contributors will have the option to stick to canon (e.g. Iwaizumi as an athletic trainer and Oikawa as a member of Argentina's national team, etc.) or diverge from canon; this entails following the canon timeline up to a certain point, but future events will be up to the contributors (for example, they could be childhood friends but separate at university, etc.). Fantasy and/or science-fiction will not be allowed.CONTRIBUTOR EXPECTATIONS♡ Page Artists: one (1) piece, which may be any of the following: a single-page illustration (vertical), a spread (horizontal), or a 1-to-4-page comic.
♡ Writers: one (1) short story, at least 1,000 words at minimum and no more than 3,000 words at maximum.
♡ Merch Artists: two (2) merch items of their choice.
Contributors will be asked to pitch at least 2-3 ideas and will be granted approval for one. They will have access to all the necessary templates and specs before we begin creation period!


EventDate (EST)
Interest Check | ResultsJune 01 – June 30
Contributor ApplicationsJuly 09 – August 14
Beta Reader ApplicationsJuly 31 – August 14
Application ResultsAugust 23
Confirmation DeadlineAugust 27
Pitch SubmissionsAugust 29 to September 2
Check-in #1 (sketch, outline, or 25% progress)October 1 (3.4 weeks)
Check-in #2 (50% progress)October 25 (3.4 weeks)
Check-in #3 (75% progress)November 22 (4 weeks)
Final Submissions (100% progress; ready for print)December 20 (4 weeks)
PreordersJanuary 15 to February 15 (2023)
*Subject to change 


What is a zine?
A zine is a collection of works, ranging from written works to artworks, published for a limited amount of time. In this case, a fanzine showcases fandom creators. It may be published digitally and/or physically.
Will the zine be physical or digital?
The zine will be both physical and digital.
Will the zine be for profit or for charity?
The zine will be for profit. Compensation details can be found in the "Contributors" section below!
How will contributors be compensated?
We aim to provide everyone with full physical bundles, with excess profits divided between all contributors. However, if the profit margin is not high enough, we will be providing lower tiers (e.g. free shipping, zines only, etc.). Digital bundles are guaranteed for all contributors.
Can I apply for multiple positions?
Yes, but you will only be accepted for one.
Do I need experience to apply as a contributor?
Not at all! With or without experience, we would be happy to have you on board. The mods will help you out every step of the way.
How many contributors do you plan on accepting?
We plan to bring on 25 page artists, 8 writers, and 6 merch artists, but this is subject to change depending on application turnout!
Are alternate universes (AUs) allowed in the zine?
Canon divergence is allowed; they may have the same background in canon, but what happens in the future will be up to the contributors. However, high-fantasy universes will not be allowed. This means that universes must still be grounded in reality (e.g. no FHQ, no mythical creatures of any kind, etc.).
Note: Unlike alternate universes, canon-divergent universes entail following the canon timeline up to a certain point, which will be up to the contributors.
Can we include characters outside of Oikawa and Iwaizumi's relationship (e.g. family, Aoba Johsai team members, etc.)?
Yes, but the main focus must still be on Oikawa and Iwaizumi.
What content is prohibited in the NSFW side zine?
Due to the theme of the zine, we will be prohibiting the following:
• gore
• non-consent
• underage
• “dead dove” content
For a more comprehensive list, please email or DM us!
Is this IwaOi or OiIwa?
The main zine is strictly SFW, so it will be focused primarily on Oikawa and Iwaizumi's romantic relationship. Therefore, all pieces in the SFW zine will focus on 阿吽 (aun) rather than top/bottom dynamics.
With regard to the NSFW side zine, we will accept both IwaOi and OiIwa submissions, as well as switch and/or non-explicit dynamics. This will be completely up to our contributors. Still, we will make sure to label everything appropriately so buyers can avoid content they do not want to see.

To Have & To Hold, our NSFW side zine, features 80+ pages of art and writing by various fandom creators. When reading the zine, you will find that all pages have been properly tagged and labeled in the table of contents. A general list of tags for the side zine can be found below!

All NSFW content features IwaOi or non-penetrative dynamics
1 piece involves switching
NSFW tags:
intercrural sex, semi-public, skinny dipping, food play, lingerie, blowjobs, handjobs, domestic life

♡♡♡Other questions may be sent through CuriousCat or by messaging any of our social media pages! General questions and concerns will be shared on our Q&A thread for the reference of others.


  • ROLES: Organization, Social Media, Writing, Production, Finance, Shipping, Discord

  • EXPERIENCE: Cara has experience as a mod and contributor in the zine scene, having worked on 40+ projects over the last five years. She has interned with three different museums in research, curatorial, and publicity positions. Cara is in charge of production and shipping for This Side of Paradise: HQ x Pokémon Zine and has recently finished production for Familiar, an original comic by Ale, and the Blue Side Collection, a charity project inspired by j-hope.

  • ROLES: Organization, Social Media, Art, Graphics, Layout, Formatting

  • EXPERIENCE: Iana has experience as editor-in-chief and literature editor of official local publications. They have spearheaded publicity initiatives for multiple organizations, particularly for marketing, graphic design, and motion graphics. They have also been part of large university projects as a writer, artist, and designer, where they have had to work with teams of over fifty people. In the zine scene, Iana has been a contributor as an artist. They worked on graphics for IwaOi Week 2022.

  • ROLE: Finance

  • EXPERIENCE: Finn has worked in professional finance for two years, where he has done bookkeeping, taxes, and payroll for various companies. He has been a contributor to multiple zines and events, and he is currently in charge of finance for This Side of Paradise: HQ x Pokémon Zine.

  • Finn will be co-modding Finance with Mod Cara, who has completed several zines as a finance mod. Her completed projects are available here.


The Iwaizumi & Oikawa Wedding Zine team has taken important steps to ensure the financial stability of the project. We’ve compiled all our plans in the document below.The document includes the following information:♡ Mods | Who are the mods in charge of finance, and how can we ensure that they will be using funds correctly?
♡ Compensation | How will contributors be compensated?
♡ Transparency with contributors and buyers | What information will contributors and buyers have access to during important project markers?
♡ Financial organization and formulas | How does the mod team budget and keep track of finances?
As a team, we fully believe that the best way to alleviate problems is through proper communication, responsiveness, and transparency. We’ll be readily available to address your questions and concerns; if you have any, feel free to reach out by DMing any of our social media pages or by sending us a message on CuriousCat!